Radius award: What Hi-Fi? award

17th October 2014

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

Radius gets to bask in the glow of another award from What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision

The original style-oriented speaker system has rarely been away from the limelight since its launch in 2003. Several generations on, Radius gets to bask in the glow of another award, this time from What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision, one of the world’s leading home entertainment titles. The stunning verdict in the ‘Best Style Package £1400-£1800’ category means that if you’re upgrading your home theatre sound with this kind of budget, you can’t buy better than the five-star Radius R90HT1 system! Seduced by the ‘punch and precision’ of our stylish space-saving compact, the review reads “the surround field is like an airtight unit, with effects flowing smoothly and consistently between each channel…with price, performance and practicality on its side, the Radius ticks all the boxes.”

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