Radius 90 review: Hi-Fi Choice 'Recommended'

29th November 2013

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

David Price investigates the new generation of Radius.

The new Monitor Audio Radius 90 has secured a full five stars, as well as being dubbed a Hi-Fi Choice Recommended product in the December 2013 issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine. Esteemed reviewer David Price praised their performance in the in-depth feature:

"Those unfamiliar with the Radius 90 who come into a room with a pair of them playing will often do two things; first they'll remark on how tiny they are, and then they'll ask, 'But where are the main speakers?'. This shows how they're able to make a sound that is almost TARDIS-like - one that totally defies their physical dimensions."

"The tweeter is superb; spacious and extended yet smooth and delicate, it makes for a wonderfully open and finely etched sound. The new mid/bass unit is more detailed and faster than before and this improves things further still. The end result is a little loudspeaker that's quite simply big audio dynamite!'

Read the full feature in the December issue of Hi-Fi Choice Magazine available now.