Platinum 100 3G Highly Recommended Award

22nd January 2024

Posted in: Awards | Reviews

"an endlessly and thoroughly rewarding pair of loudspeakers"



Our Platinum 100 3G bookshelf speakers receive a Highly Recommended Award from technology journalist Simon Lucas at Trusted Reviews.

"The overall tonal balance is beautifully judged"

Talking about the sound quality, Simon said "The amount of fine detail regarding tone and timbre they’re able to extract and contextualise, and the eloquence and character they invest into a vocal line, is remarkable". He added "they have the sort of dynamic potency to put considerable distance between the quietest and loudest moments of a recording, as well as to reveal the harmonic variations inherent in an unaccompanied voice or solo instrument"

Alongside the five star review, our highly acclaimed speakers were given a Highly Recommended Award from the team at Trusted Reviews, with Simon concluding "When it comes to control, authority, detail retrieval, dynamic headroom, soundstaging and basically everything else that goes to make up an outstanding loudspeaker, they’re deeply impressive".


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