Our Platinum 100 3G speakers receive an Applause Award from StereoNET

9th November 2023

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

"Some loudspeakers need to be shown the whip before you really hear what they're capable of, but that's not the case here"



"Among the most engaging loudspeakers around, pound-for-pound"

Talking about the aesthetics of the Platinum 100 3G, expert reviewer Simon Lucas stated "as you would expect from this company, the speaker is beautifully constructed", adding it "sits on the border between 'handsome' and 'purposeful'".

Upon listening to the likes of De La Soul and The Special AKA, Simon said “when it comes to getting it right, this little loudspeaker is the very model of accomplishment.", adding that "it also shows its ability to present a recording as a unified, singular event with a strong sense of performance".

"Crank it up, and the music simply gets louder, with no change of tonal balance, blurring of soundstage boundaries, or hardening of the midrange"


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