Monitor Audio Distributor Awards 2020

25th November 2020

Posted in: News and Events

During our online international distributor conference, we had the opportunity to recognise the achievements of our international partners. The following distributors have stood out in their categories to deliver an amazing experience to Monitor Audio customers across the world.


Distributor of the Year 2020

Audio Centre | Poland

One country keeps impressing us, always fighting to win more market shares with dynamism, enthusiasm and maintaining its top position as one of our best export market. The 2020 Best Distributor award goes to Audio Center Poland!

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Fastest Growing Territory

invitone | Hungary

This award is for an account who has only been with Monitor Audio for a short time, but in that time has shown what you can do with hard work and focus on re-establishing Monitor Audio within their network of retailers. We are yet to see their true potential and cannot wait to see how they perform over the next few years. The level of commitment and speed of their growth makes them a deserving winner of this award.

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Best Dealer Network

S&J Audio | China

This award goes to a partner who took a unique approach to building a network of retailers. Their ambitions for the brand have been translated brilliantly into a concept that puts our brands in the best possible of lights, while offering a great customer experience.

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Best Marketing

Pannes Vertriebs KG | Germany

Sales is nothing if not backed up with a good and solid marketing strategy. The company which will receive the award now have proven their ability to align with MA's marketing, making the most of the tools we provide, keeping in line with our branding but also making all news and product info available to journalists, dealers and customers at the same time as our marketing team in the UK. Hats off for that!

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Best Roksan Distributor

Naspec Corporation | Japan

As you know, we're only at the beginning of Roksan's new chapter with Monitor Audio. Yet one of our partners has been investing heavily since Day One, showing an admirable passion for our products. This includes a full commitment to the product that started everything 35 years ago, Xerxes. Half of our current production goes to this single market! Congratulations to Hatsune san and her team, and thank you for your support

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Best Product Mix

Connector | Israel

We realise that our wide range of product categories is both an opportunity and a challenge. Assembling the necessary skills to carry everything we offer, from traditional speakers to CI and analog turntables, takes a lot of commitment from our partners. It requires a learning process, a daily flexibility in talking to diverse dealer profiles, and a wide understanding of the market. One of our partners excels at all of this. Congratulations to Moshe and his team!

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Best CI Distributor

Transtel | Belgium

This award has gone to an account that not only supports the full range of Monitor Audio’s CI product mix, but also ensure they have deep stock holding, solutions for a variety of complicated installations, complementary brands and even go as far as manufacturing their own custom brackets and fittings to suit their country's building methods. We all know that CI is a large part of the future of Monitor Audio and this winner has fully embraced this and is showing what can be done with the right attitude, strong market knowledge and above and beyond levels of commitment to their retailers.

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Special 2020 Award

HiFi Market | Chile

This year, the special award goes to a company who have worked hard to adapt through the global pandemic, only having just survived political turmoil and riots. They rebuilt their shops after they were destroyed, the found new and novel ways to deliver product, and did not give up their passion and fight to survive.

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Best 2020 Growth

Lyra | Lithuania

Some countries and distributors know how to impress us. Despite difficult times, internal challenges, operating in relatively small market where each dealer is a distributor, some accounts manage to grow substantially. We value the efforts of smaller territories as much as those of the big ones and we know how difficult it can be to achieve great results in some markets. A country this year has proven that despite all the challenges, they could double their turnover in just 12 months.

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Best Display Area

Homemation | South Africa

Giving customers the very best experience is more and more important in this highly competitive market. We have seen an amazing change across the world as many of our partners create demonstrations installations in their own facilities. This year our award goes to a company who have taken this to a new level, moving their entire facility, and carefully designing a new home with multiple stereo and home theatre experiences.

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