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Mass award: AV Forums 'Recommended' Award

14th June 2013

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

"It sounds big, bold and extremely capable and nothing I used it with in terms of film or broadcast TV sounded anything other than deeply impressive."

Delivering the explosive charge of the latest hi-def movie soundtracks, Monitor Audio’s diminutive MASS home cinema system offers sculpted space-efficient design, packed with technology and easy-installation features,  jaw-dropping audio dynamics with décor-friendly styling, making the introduction of high quality home cinema sound into any living space a simpler and more satisfying experience.  AV Forums recently tried them out, and asked "Can this unusually styled set of speakers take the fight to the category champions?"

Well, with a shiny new 'AV Forums Reccommended' award, it would appear that MASS certainly can!  "MASS manages the most important achievement of any sub/sat system - it sounds bigger than it actually is."  "The use of identical satellites means that the handover from speaker to speaker is seamless and this further aids the sense of being in the thick of the action. The reproduction of fine detail is extremely convincing and like its larger brethren, the MASS achieves this without needing to drive the bolts out of it - although you can push it fairly hard without it hardening up."

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