Lowbeats magazine in Germany review our Platinum 300 3G speakers.

5th June 2023

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

"Unquestionably the best of the range"



Holger Biermann at Lowbeats.de says "You get a lot with this speaker. The looks will certainly polarise, but the workmanship is class. This includes the immaculate piano lacquer and the smart driver mounting. But what really elevates the Platinum 300 3G above most competitors, even in this upmarket class, is the self-evident transparency of its presentation, which doesn't suffer even at very high levels.

Of course, the new Platinum is still a classic Monitor Audio with a juicy, warm bass and fundamental tone. But in this form, it is unquestionably the best of the range and one of the best in its class. A speaker with which you can do little wrong."

Lowbeats.de gave the Platinum 300 3G an 'Outstanding' award.


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