Introducing Vecta

6th September 2018

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All-around innovation

The stylish and versatile Monitor Audio Vecta V240 and V240-LV speakers cleverly combine architectural aesthetics, high quality professional audio performance and weather resistance.



Using cleverly designed brackets and a single point automatic connection system, Vecta V240 or V240-LV can be quickly and easily mounted horizontally or vertically. Installers fix the bracket to the wall, and then simply drop the speaker in place and secure with a single screw. Exclusive to the V240-LV, you can also hang up to four V240-LV speakers in a near 360º cluster. An automatic connection system means that the install is extremely sleek, with no wires visible.




The V240 speaker works with the V-MOUNT, V-CORNER brackets, and V-CLUSTER (V240-LV only) brackets.




The V240 and V240-LV blends seamlessly under eaves or in vertical corners, UV resistant finishes in black or white with an IP55 rating for resistance from the elements when installed outdoors.

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RRP Recommended Retail Price for Vecta
(UK prices only as of 6th September 2018)


V240 speaker V240-LV speaker V-MOUNT bracket V-CORNER bracket V-CLUSTER bracket

£250 (Each)

£325 (Each)

£25 (Each)

£25 (Each)

£80 (Each)

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