Introducing the new Platinum Series 3G

20th September 2022

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We’re proud to announce the new Platinum Series 3G


Our flagship range encapsulates our desire to deliver accessible excellence. Superior, innovative acoustic technologies, smart engineering and obsessive attention to detail ensures the Platinum Series 3G is capable of the most accurate, clear, and lifelike sound, from a design that will stay significant for a lifetime.

Monitor Audio's Platinum Series 3G, key visual, in a Piano Ebony finish.

Platinum Series 3G offers a choice of four premium models designed to satisfy both two-channel or multi-channel home theatre system configurations. The series consists of the Platinum 100 3G stand mount, Platinum 200 3G mid-sized floorstander, and the formidable, flagship floorstander, the Platinum 300 3G. Each speaker works independently in a high-performance two-channel system, or, with the addition of the Platinum C250 3G centre-channel as part of a high-performance AV system.

Monitor Audio's Platinum 100 3G, lifestyle, in a Pure Satin White finish.

However you choose to configure them, they will propel the listener into a truly immersive and high-fidelity experience, allowing both music lovers and film aficionados to experience utter perfection.

Platinum Series 3G perfects the art of high-fidelity sound, within a system package that exemplifies cutting-edge, acoustic innovation and premium design. The result is spine-tingling levels of performance. Each Platinum Series 3G model truly is an object of desire.

Monitor Audio's Platinum 300 AV 3G, lifestyle, in a Piano Ebony finish.