Introducing Super Slim In-Wall

15th February 2018

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Defy restrictive depths with our slimmest in-wall speakers yet.



The Monitor Audio Super Slim In-Wall range literally opens up new speaker placement opportunities. Comprising three models, each of the models brings an incredibly slim depth of only 50 mm (2"). This shallow reach means that, where previously speaker installation was prohibitive, options appear, creating new prospects and fresh design approaches. The range can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications.


Step up, and up and up



All three models feature three bass/mid-range drivers plus one tweeter, smartly designed to enable the performance of significantly larger monitor.

The WSS130 is the entry-point, likely to find itself in many general home theatre and music applications.

The mid-point WSS230, offers a step-up in performance – additions here include our famed C-CAM metal drivers – and comes to the fore in set-ups where even more critical music reproduction is required.

The WSS430 maintains its siblings’ shallow depth – all three feature identical footprints – and offers supreme audio performance, drawing on design principles, and materials, from our flagship Platinum II speakers.


RRP Recommended Retail Price for Super Slim In-Wall


WSS130 WSS230 WSS430

£220 (Each)

£280 (Each)

£390 (Each)