Introducing Shadow

4th April 2012

Posted in: History

Introducing our latest innovative lifestyle product range- The Shadow Series

With a depth of just 40mm our innovative new Shadow speaker range matches the profile and performance of flat TVs with high definition sound.

Never has our Design for Sound signature been more beautifully expressed than by the Shadow series of ultra-slim speakers. Loaded with custom-designed low-profile drivers, the new on-wall Shadow range brilliantly cools the friction between the desire for super-discreet installation around the home and the need for dynamic home theatre surround sound.

At just 40mm in depth, the four new Shadow models are created to complement the slender profile of flat TV displays, and combine in acoustically matched surround systems to achieve an astonishing unity of wafer-thin design and life-like sound - complete with the natural dynamism and wideband response you’d expect from larger, more obtrusive speakers.

The four Shadow speakers are conceived to work in pairs for music, or for home theatre, when any number can be installed to unleash the full audio impact of today’s Blu-ray and other HD audio sources.  There’s the diminutive Shadow 25, supplied with a shelf stand option; two main speakers: the Shadow 50 and the Shadow 60 (for 50”+ displays), and the Shadow Centre speaker: a dedicated centre-channel design supplied with a shelf/rack mounting option.

Shadow offers a totally new ground-up design which showcases a blend of technically advanced materials and innovative speaker engineering to create a unique offering for lovers of great sound and style.