Introducing Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II

9th August 2021

Posted in: History | Technology

Our new Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II pattern has been evolved to give a more rigid profile with a new hexagonal dimpled structure, derived from Gold Series 5G’s RDT II development. RST II is more than just a pattern on the cone. It represents a collection of technologies, a new cone geometry profile that improves the performance of the driver at higher frequencies, an improvement to C-CAM technology and a glimpse at the underlying design elements that are not usually visible.


RST II mid-range driver

Vocals have never sounded this clear.

Building on the work conducted for the Gold Series 5G range Monitor Audio has developed a new mid-range for the Silver Series 7G range. The mid-range follows the same design aims, to improve directivity through the use of a compact design and to maximise the bandwidth of the driver to allow a smooth crossover with the tweeter.

Together, all this technology can be seen as RST II that delivers smooth and low distortion mid-range.

RST II mid/bass driver

Turn it up without the break up