Introducing Installation Amplifiers

30th January 2018

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Take audio integration to the next level

Monitor Audio is proud to announce our new family of Installation Amplifiers, built to do more and take up less space.


What’s an Installation Amplifier?



We’ve built our new range to offer powerful yet efficient amplification for any residential or commercial audio project, that integrates with popular home automation systems.


Next level integration



Our new Installation Amplifier family offers full power automation with simple wired voltage trigger or signal sense. Superb sound and slick looks, these audio engines are ready for any installation project.


Power and efficiency



Our line of amplifiers house world renowned Hypex amplifier modules, selected by us to guarantee reliability and great sound quality the world has come to expect from Monitor Audio.

All of this technology is reduced into 1U and 2U size cases, that fit into most racks or can be used free standing.


Connected Customisation



Our 'Connect' Amplifiers offer complex DSP and IP control from our web app that can be accessed from any device running a web browser. This allows installers to set features and fine tune the audio performance remotely. ‘Connect’ Amplifiers can be identified with a C at the end of it’s model number.


RRP Recommended Retail Price for Installation Amplifiers
IA150-2 IA60-12

£700 (Each)

£1,150 (Each)


IA200-2C IA150-8C IA800-2C

£900 (Each)

£2,500 (Each)

£1,500 (Each)

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