Introducing i-Deck (2G)

10th August 2011

Posted in: History

Enhance your enjoyment for music on your iPod®/iPhone® with Monitor Audio's new i-deck!

While other dock manufacturers choose gizmos as a way to sell their wares, we've stuck to audio principles as a way to distinguish ours. The two new i-deck designs are no ordinary docks - not because they're brimming with new technology but because they sound better! We've designed them using our best technologies and production values for the music devotee. We figure that's the point of an audio reproduction kit: to deliver sound quality that gets you closer to the music. This is what the new i-deck 100 and i-deck 200 do best.

You'll see that we've prioritised audio performance in the two new models by taking the digital stream direct from the iPod®/iPhone® to our own high performance DAC and then amplified the waves through dedicated Class D amplifiers powering each of four C-CAM drivers arranged in stereo pairs. This means that via this purist audio path, we're generating the best sound quality possible from the dock genre - just as you'd expect. And we've maximised the audio goodies in any room via innovative acoustic processing, which measures the response from any location and adjusts the output to a reference curve. No other dock design takes this much care of your music!