Introducing CLG-W10 Garden Subwoofer

6th September 2018

Posted in: History

Bring the bass outdoors



Ingeniously designed for concealment in any garden landscape, the CLG-W10 turns up the base to any garden installation and is designed as a perfect match to the rest of the Garden Climate System.



The CLG-W10 has been created to be completely versatile subwoofer that can blend into any environment. The subwoofer can either be buried in the ground or in planters, alternatively it can be installed onto decking or a patio.

At the heart of the subwoofer features a powerful 10” bass driver using our C-CAM cone technology. The exterior is designed to blend into the garden, using a natural dark brown colour that disappears into the landscape. Also because it’s IP54 rated, it will take on the elements in gardens all over the world in any season.



Match the CLG-W10 with our CLG-140 or CLG-160 Climate Garden Satellite Speakers.

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