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Introducing Airstream A100 Amplifier

9th May 2014

Posted in: History

The Amazing Airstream A100 is here to change the way you hear your digital music.

We’re proud to be launching our first amplifier, the award-winning Airstream A100. Catering for the way we use digital media, this is the next generation network-ready amplifier that will bridge the gap between your Hi-Fi speakers and the latest wireless streaming technologies. Wherever you store or seek your favourite songs - on computer, smartphone, NAS drive or the cloud, or streamed directly from Internet radio stations around the globe - the classy A100 will bring them alive with amazing quality and realism.

Recognised in the run-up to launch by a coveted “red dot” international design award and a “Stars of CES” accolade from What Hi Fi? Sound & Vision, the A100 blends true audiophile sound quality with 21st century technology and style and will revolutionise the way you play your digital music collection. 

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