Hyphn wows the team at Audio Advice

15th August 2023

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"the best speaker the company has ever produced."

Home technology specialists and integrators Audio Advice take a close look at Hyphn, our new statement loudspeaker.



Audio Advice hosted the first United States public demonstrations of Hyphn at Audio Advice Live, their annual audio and home theater show. Having experienced everything that Hyphn has to offer, they said "even in a test environment, we could tell these were world-class speakers", adding "after spending a few minutes going through some of favourite test tracks, we have to say Monitor Audio has produced one of the best loudspeakers we've ever heard."

Our Product Design Director Charles Minnet told Audio Advice "we want to make the music and movies the thing that you experience, the speakers are just a tool to deliver that".

In conclusion, Audio Advice said that "if you can set up a pair of Hyphn's in your system, you will know what we mean when we say these are some of the best speakers in the world today."

Watch the full review below.


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