Home Theater HiFi video review our Silver 300 7G speakers

3rd April 2023

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

"Personally, I think I found my end game living room speaker."



In their latest review, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity take a look at what our Silver 300 7G speakers have to offer.

Talking about design, SECRETS reviewer Taps Das said "they are absolutely gorgeous” adding "kudos to the Monitor Audio’s design department, cause they knocked this one out the park". Listening to Lana Del Ray with his Wife, Taps added “we slowly fell in love with these speakers” further commenting that the Silver 300 7G, "was a fast and capable speaker". In conclusion, Taps said "If you care about the appearance of a speaker as much as you do the sound coming out of it, then these are the speakers you need to lend your ears and your eyes to."

Watch the full video review below.