hifi.nl experience Platinum 100 3G with the Anthra W12

5th January 2024

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"A music system that plays on an epic scale"

Dutch reviewers hifi.nl listened and reviewed our Platinum 100 3G loudspeakers, alongside two of our Anthra W12 subwoofers, and were full of praise for their high-end performance.



"More universal character and better dynamic power"

Listening to classical artists such as Hania Rani and Apocalyptica, Jamie Bieseman commented that the Platinum 100 3G "deliver a very convincing experience of music that extends beyond the speakers", adding they were "very fluent and smooth".

On the design, Jamie said that they were "more modern and better finished" adding that Monitor Audio "significantly surpass the previous Platinum speakers with this new 3G generation".

Regarding the Anthra Subwoofers, pairing with the Platinum 100 3G was "spectacular", commenting further that "the result is certainly impressive" and that they deliver an experience in "a masterful way".


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