HIFI.DE in Germany review our Platinum 100 3G speakers

13th December 2023

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"The Platinum 100 3G captivates with its harmonious mix of bass pressure and fine details, but always plays on the relaxed, musical side."



Noble sophistication with bass power

Tim Hundeborn at HIFI.DE tested our Platinum 100 3G speakers and enjoyed their relaxed sound and detailed soundstage.

Upon listening and comparing to the Focal Sopra N°2, Tim says "it shone on a completely different level, but this first song was over far too quickly and left us hungry for more."

Regarding the design, he said "the cases of the Platinum 100 3G are flawlessly manufactured." and in conclusion "relaxed sound does not automatically mean 'boring'" adding "the Monitor Audio Platinum 100 3G has impressively proven this to us. In the smallest of spaces, the bookshelf speaker combines deep bass, phenomenal spaciousness and a steady hand with fine details."


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