HiFi IFAs review our Bronze 200 speakers

7th September 2021

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HiFi-IFAs, a German Magazine and Blog, left a wonderful review of our Bronze 200 floorstanding speakers.



Bernd Weber from HiFi IFAs recently reviewed our slimline Bronze 200 loudspeakers, awarding them 5.7 points out of 6.


"With the look of the slim Bronze 200 floorstanding speakers, Monitor Audio appeals to ladies' hearts. But the gentlemen of creation don't miss out either. The ears of both sexes will be delighted by a resolution that can simply be described as outstanding for this affordable price range. In addition, there is a very realistic and generous spatial representation that extends far beyond the speakers."

"In all registers, the Bronze 200 play very cleanly and accurately with a neutral English noblesse without being too dissecting. The icing on the cake is a crisp bass that is impressive in contrast to the speaker's cute appearance."


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