Gramophone praise the Gold 200s in their latest review

18th August 2023

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"The Gold 200, or really anything in the Gold series, needs to be at the top of your list of considerations."

Home automation specialist and integrator Gramophone take a close look at our award-winning Gold 200 loudspeakers, from our 5th generation of Gold.



“It's because of their unique approach to design and some of the specialised technologies that they're using them that make them a little bit different”. Gramophone carried out a breakdown of the tweeter, midrange features and its appearance, saying "there's a lot of cool tech and some very fun features packed into these."

As with our other Gold stand mount and floorstanding speakers, the Gold 200 combines the driver technology of our Platinum II flagship speakers and beautiful cabinetry to stunning effect.

In conclusion, Gramophone said that the Gold 200 represents "state of the art technology that exemplifies the best in what we think about British audio".

Watch the full review below.


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