Gold 200 receives Hi-Fi+ Editor's Choice Award

2nd April 2020

Posted in: Awards

Hi-Fi+ gives our Gold 200 loudspeakers their Editor's Choice Award



Simon Lucas at Hi-Fi + recently reviewed our Gold 200 floorstanding speakers, and they passed his test with flying colours.


In the test, Lucas commented that “they demonstrate some real strengths and areas of convincing expertise.” In particular, he noted that, “the Gold 200s remain organised, dynamically potent, and tonally convincing performers with composure that borders on the unflappable. And, it’s worth pointing out, they can do all this at volumes both negligible and oppressive.”

He also said that, “effective integration is key to the Gold 200s’ overall sound, and they succeed in managing rhythmic details as commandingly as details of tone or timbre,” and concluded that “the reasons to give the Gold 200s strong consideration are numerous, with their naturalistic and even-handed approach high among them.”

Hi-Fi+ loved it so much, they gave the Gold 200 their Editors Choice Award!

Read the full review in Hi-Fi+ 21st Anniversary Editor’s Choice issue #182, which is on sale now.