Engineering And Style Seduce What Hi-Fi? 2013 Award Judges

18th October 2013

Posted in: Awards

This year the ASB-2 Soundbar and Radius R90HT1 rise above their rivals.

Another great year in our quest to build the best audio systems has been celebrated by recognition from the What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision jury. Once again, the experts at the UK’s most prominent entertainment hardware title have honoured Monitor Audio with multiple awards. From a vast number of products, the innovation, style and sound quality of our ASB-2 soundbar and Radius R90HT1 system really stood out at the premium end of two critical home entertainment categories.

In awarding the ASB-2 ‘Best Soundbar £800+’ the review team said “the market for soundbars is booming. And yet, although we’ve reviewed our fair share of these discreet speaker systems, there aren’t many we’d consider a complete solution. Some pack in the features but lack sound quality. Others do the opposite. Here, though, Monitor Audio has managed to get the balance just right…it’s a brave move making your first soundbar £1000, but Monitor Audio pulls it off… the ASB-2 has real star quality and is an excellent investment.”

As the ‘Best style package £1400-£1800’, the R90HT1 “sounds wonderfully cohesive and entertaining – it’s up there with the very best at this price.” The 2013 award joins a cluster of accolades for the ground-breaking Radius line. Exemplified by the R90HT1, the latest Radius evolution is “a brilliantly balanced and multi-talented all-rounder.”

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