Dutch reviewers hifi.nl experience Hyphn, our new statement loudspeaker

4th July 2023

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"Nothing short of an iconic speaker, both technically and visually"

Hyphn was recently presented to the general public at audio specialist store Noir et Blanc, in Belgium. The day before the event, Edward Hendrix, from Dutch reviewer hifi.nl, listened and reviewed our new statement loudspeaker, and was blown away.



"Clear from the first glance that you are dealing with something very special"

Whilst listening to the likes of 'Blues in the Bassment' by Grady Tate, Lalo Schifrin & The London Philharmonic and Mozart's 'No, no che non sei capace', Edward's first impression was one of disbelief, commenting that the Hyphn's "incredible dynamics and at the same time tight control make it clear that this Briton has nothing or no one to fear".

He commented that the Chord Electronics "allowed the Hyphn to fully develop into a musical statement" adding that it was a speaker "with the looks and performance of a genius".


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