Custom Install - Taste of Música

2nd January 2019

Posted in: Custom Install

Sights, smells, tastes and sounds



A brand new restaurant in Leiden, Netherlands matches authentic latino flavours with atmospheric surroundings and sounds of South America.

Bringing the best Latin American food and drink to the South Holland city of Leiden is the new Tabú restaurant. Outfitted in a modern cantina style, Tabú delivers an exciting dining experience and its very own cocktail bar.



If the sights and smells don’t immersive you, the sounds of the continent’s distinctive music style will with the numerous Monitor Audio speakers strategically placed throughout the restaurant by installer Number One.

Monitor Audios ultra-versatile Vecta V240 speakers can be found in the corners of the restaurant, blending into the surroundings.



In the ceilings, Number One used C165-T2 in-ceiling speakers and slim CS180 in-ceiling speakers to deliver music from above. Concluding the audio experience, IWS-10 in-wall subwoofers were used for powerful bass.



All of the speakers in the restaurant are run from two Monitor Audio IA150-8C amplifiers, connected to streamers and DJ equipment.