Custom Install - Sun, Sand, Surf and Sound

14th August 2019

Posted in: Custom Install

This fully renovated home in Gold Coast, Australia gets Monitor Audio sound throughout



Monitor Audio installer TVinstallers have recently completed work on a beautifully renovated house in Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast in Australia. To match the high-end finishes in the house, the owners invested in a great sound system but wanted to keep it as low profile as possible.


See the speakers? No? They are behind the wall either side of the air-conditioning vent

In the kitchen, an invisible sound solution was high priority. The central island counter is made from 2” thick Calacatta marble, so the owners didn’t want any visual distractions. It was decided that IV140 Invisible speakers would be used in the room. Our IV140 Invisible speakers are installed into the wall and are covered with plaster, making them completely invisible once complete. This ensured that the kitchen would receive incredible sound quality, without a speaker in sight.


Before completion, showing the IV140 speakers in the walls before they were plastered over

Outside by the pool, TVinstallers fitted our AWC280 In-Ceiling All Weather speakers. Our All Weather speakers have been designed to withstand exposure to all elements, and makes a great splash-proof poolside addition.


Enjoy tunes by the pool with AWC280 In-Ceiling speakers

Lastly, the owners wanted a high quality surround sound system for their TV nook upstairs. Due to limited space along the walls, TVinstallers opted for C280-IDC In-Ceiling speakers. Our IDC speakers feature a pivoting mid-range driver and tweeter module, allowing for high performance directional audio.


The upstairs area features a In-Ceiling surround sound system

The owners were left very happy with the install and performance of the products, and as the house has been pre-wired there might be more Monitor Audio products going in soon!


About the Installer

TVinstallers is a Monitor Audio installer that serves Byron Bay, Gold Coast to North Brisbane in Queensland, Australia and offers services from simple TV mounting to complex home automation solutions.