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10th May 2017

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Custom Installation in a 22,000-square foot home in Calgary, Canada.

P.J. Aucoin and Craig Applejohn of Home Concepts AV recently finished a Custom Install project on a 22,000-square foot home in Calgary, Canada.

The project, which took 3 years to complete, is complete with 94 Monitor Audio speakers (listed below), ELAN control, tekmarNet thermostats and much more.



Monitor Audio Speakers:

(2x) Gold 300 Floorstanders

(2x) Gold GXFX Surround

(1x) Gold GXC350 Centre

(5x) IWA-250 Amplifier

(5x) IWB-10 Backbox

(5x) IWS-10 In-Wall Subwoofer

(42x) C265-IDC In-Ceiling

(2x) C265-FX In-Ceiling

(1x) C180-T2 In-Ceiling

(4x) W165 In-Wall

(7x) W150-LCR In-Wall

(3x) W250-LCR In-Wall

(1x) Climate 60-T2

(14x) Climate 60

To view all hi-res images > click here


Other Equipment:

(1x) Yamaha A3060B Atmos Receiver

(8x) Crown XLS1000 215 Watt/Channel amplifiers

(2x) ELAN gSC10 controllers

(5x) ELAN gTP7 in-wall touch panels

(4x) ELAN gHR200 remotes

(4x) ELAN S86A Integrated Multi-Room AV Controllers

(28x) tekmarNet Thermostats tied into the Elan system

(190x) Lighting controlled by Lutron RadioRa2 and ELAN

(8x) Perimeter security cameras

(3x) Panamax M4315-PRO power conditioners

(3x) Panamax MB1500 battery back-ups

Ubiquiti Network with 10 WAP's throughout




Take a look at this recent article from Griffin360, which details the use of ELAN's award-winning smart home control system and how Home Concepts Managing Partners P.J. Aucoin and Craig Applejohn managed the project.

– ELAN Makes Calgary Homeowners True Believers in the Promise of Smart Home Control