Custom Install - Power of 3

8th January 2018

Posted in: Custom Install

AVTech creates a simple surround sound system with only 3 parts

If your home has limited space but you want a full cinema experience, then take a look at this installation by AVTech in Israel.



They used the elegant SB-3 Passive Sound bar, containing the left, centre and right channel, and two SoundFrame 3 On-Wall speakers as surround channels to create an immersive experience with a little footprint.


All-in-one Entertainment

Soundbars are a great way to instantly add enhanced audio to a television. Available in 3 sizes to match any TV, our Passive Soundbars offer great 2 or 3 channel sound in a simple solution. Alternatively, our ASB-10 Active Soundbar offers virtual surround sound and Bluetooth streaming built-in.