Custom Install - Demonstration Area

22nd June 2018

Posted in: Custom Install

Pure Theatre's demonstration area has had a complete refresh and now includes Monitor Audio speakers throughout.

Pure Theatre, who are based in Telford, Shropshire, use a corner set up with 3 separate projection systems and three audio systems all available and switchable through a series of Yamaha and Denon AV receivers, Epson and Sony projectors and speaker relays.



The model used are the Controlled Performance CP-IW260X (as front L, C, R), 2x IWS-10 subwoofer and an IWA-250 amplifier, plus CP-CT380IDC in-ceiling and CP-WT380IDC in-wall to create the main system demonstrating Atmos (7.2.4 configuration).



There’s an excellent install of 2x Invisible IV140’s underpinned by a WS-10 subwoofer working wirelessly as well, plus a display wall of Radius sunk into display alcoves.