Bronze 2 award: Hi-Fi News ‘Outstanding Product’

26th January 2016

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

A coveted Hi-Fi News ‘Outstanding’ badge joins a What Hi-Fi? Award in confirming the Bronze 2 as a budget superstar!

Bronze 2 awarded Hi-Fi News 'outstanding product'

Usually reserved for the finest megabucks systems, the Hi Fi News ‘Outstanding’ badge is a genuine measure of hi-fi greatness, so we’re absolutely delighted that the latest honouree should come from a Monitor Audio budget range! Having just collected a What Hi-Fi? Award for its supreme performance and value, the amazing Bronze 2 is now confirmed as ‘Outstanding’ by one of the world’s most respected specialist audio magazines. In its February 16 issue Hi-Fi News says “…they have excellent bass power and control for their size, being as adept with kicking rhythms as they are with the weight of orchestral strings and percussion. Add to that a fine, fresh view of the midband and treble, enabling them to bring out the character of voices and lead instruments, and a high treble that's detailed while at the same time sweet and clean-sounding, and you have a speaker fully able to take the listener into the heart of the music…these are honest, attractive and classy little speakers, and they're a great buy.”

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