Anthra W15 receives Highly Recommended award from HCC

8th April 2024

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"Monitor Audio's brief of musicality and depth for the Anthra range rings true with the mighty W15"

Home Cinema Choice rigorously tests the largest of our three Anthra models; the Anthra W15, with positive results.



"Consider this a cracking all-rounder!"

Regarding its design, journalist Richard Stevenson said "The fit and finish are Crufts standard, too. The all-round gloss finish, in white or black, is lush".

With the setup, Richard added "the MaestroUnite app is really good. It connects over Bluetooth and then hooks the sub to your Wi-Fi for updates and offers a wealth of fine-tuning options."

"It can do that hard-to-explain trick of bringing warmth and presence to vocals while adding space and air to upper frequencies."

In conclusion, "this is a subwoofer with a big enveloping sound, rich in detail and offering excellent extension – all things that work well with home cinema".


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