Albums of the Month - December 2023

15th December 2023

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Our top picks of the latest albums to listen to every month, from pop to rap to rock. Our top choices this month will be a great addition to anyone’s record collection.

We have picked out our favourite songs from the albums below. Check out our December Songs of the Month playlist.

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Sour Grapes

Breeze | Hand Drawn Dracula

Toronto-based band Breeze present their britpop inspired album Sour Grapes. With their signature 90s-inspired sound, the follow up to 2021s “Only Up” is even more vibrant and eclectic. Breeze transformed into a five piece, following what was a solo project, managed by producer Josh Korody, to create this new wave project. Channeling decades of anthemic British bands, their third studio album is well produced, charming and euphoric, and will no doubt leave fans excited with the direction the band are heading.

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Walk Away

Libianca | 5K Records Limited

Cameroon-born artist Libianca Fonji introduces Walk Away, her debut EP. Inspired by Cameroonian music during her upbringing, Fonji also takes influence from Highlife, which is apparent across all six of the wonderfully collated tracks. Hauntingly beautiful, Libianca is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The album details accounts of mental health struggles and domestic abuse, with Fonji commenting “I’m finally laying it all to rest and moving on the only way I know how; turning it into art.”

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Soft Rock

Thy Slaughter | PC Music

With an ambitious fusion of hard pop & soft rock, Thy Slaughter release Soft Rock, their debut album. Taking inspiration from Pixies, Nirvana, and The Strokes, the album features vocals from Alaska Reid and Charli XCX, and lyrics from Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell. With the first Thy Slaughter track coming way back in 2014, the band thought the time was right to release their first record as a “way of making sense of things”. Catchy and disorienting, Soft Rock is boundary-pushing. It’s clear that 2024 is going to be a big year for Thy Slaughter.

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Peter Gabriel | Real World

I/o is English rock musician Peter Gabriel’s first album of new original material in over 21 years and his triumphant tenth studio album. Each track takes you on a journey, as Gabriel delves into a number of themes, such as time, mortality and grief. This diverse selection of tracks features mixes from producers Spike Stent and Tchad Blake. Uncomplicated, precise and sincere, this has absolutely been worth the wait. The question is, the Bright or the Dark Side?.

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Gabby’s World | Carrot All Records

Under the moniker Gabby's World, American singer-songwriter and producer Gabrielle Smith presents GABBY SWORD, her most dynamic release yet. The New York DIY musician has been releasing one new song every month for the entire year, with fans itching to hear the finished article. This record magnificently reflects Smith’s poetic and vulnerable side. With songs about disillusionment, empowerment and awakenings, Smith cleverly mixes each track with fun and exciting synth-pop throughout.

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