Albums of the Month - April 2024

26th April 2024

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Our top picks of the latest albums to listen to every month, from pop to rap to rock. Our top choices this month will be a great addition to anyone’s record collection.

We have picked out our favourite songs from the albums below. Check out our April Songs of the Month playlist.

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Silence Is Loud

Nia Archives | Universal-Island Records Ltd.

English record producer, DJ, singer and songwriter Nia Archives compliments the synergy between vocals and instrumental on her debut album Silence Is Loud. Regarded as being at the forefront of the post-2020 drum and bass revival, Nia cleverly fuses jungle with Britpop and leading on from her last EP, said this record was “more song-focussed, putting interesting sounds on jungle.” With 90s drum and bass legend Goldie listed as one of her mentors, the Bradford producer is incredibly charismatic, bringing pounding, pulsing beats and exuding energy throughout. Artful and full of passion - it’s a triumph.

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Dark Matter

Pearl Jam | Monkeywrench

Veteran rockers Pearl Jam introduce the ambitious Dark Matter, their 12th studio album. The album title refers to the hypothetical cosmic webbing holding the universe together, and it’s clear that the band have made a calculated return to their earlier, heavier work. An accumulation of sounds from each of the previous records in their deep catalogue, with gritty grunge, scratchy guitar riffs and sharp production, the band showcase their unbreakable chemistry. Evolutionary and explosive, fans may debate this, but surprising as it is - this could well be one of their best albums to date.

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Only God Was Above Us

Vampire Weekend | Columbia

American indie rock band Vampire Weekend present Only God Was Above Us. Caught off guard with the direction the band have taken on their fifth studio album, the sound has a much slower-pace than previous records, but still full of clever sequences, beautiful vocals and buzzing synths. Full of adventure and creativity, their sound is more mature, melodical and refined. Lead vocalist Ezra Koenig  said “we’re just trying to create a sound that we’ve never quite heard before”. Though the singles may not hit as hard as they have done previously, the album as a collective is an instant classic.

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Fabiana Palladino

Fabiana Palladino | Paul Institute

On her self-titled debut album, British pop musician Fabiana Palladino confronts complex questions about love and loneliness. Inspired by the likes of Kate Bush, Brandy and Janet Jackson, her music draws inspiration from 80 and 90s R&B, Soul, Pop and Disco. Though it has taken quite some time for the record to take shape, Palladino has utilised the experience and knowledge from father Pino, himself a prolific session bassist, leading the record in a very clear direction. With powerful lyrics and killer melodies, Palladino is a true perfectionist and the album reflects that.

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Eye To The Ear

Cosmo Sheldrake | Tardigrade Records

Pieced together over the past five years, Sheldrake said the tracks on Eye To The Ear are a mix of electronic production and traditional instrumentation, saying “I try to imagine the world from the perspective of other beings, including a bird, a flower, a river, and the wind”. Calming orchestral harmonies transport you to beautiful landscapes on his third studio album, exploring sounds from ecosystems and animals. With the widespread disruption that Human-induced climate change is causing, there’s a real sense of enthusiasm and hope from Sheldrake. Organic and charming, its a truly mesmerising listen.

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