PG6-R Premium Round Grille

PG6-R Premium Round Grille

Each beautifully designed Premium Grille has a hexagonal pattern that dissipates towards its edges, creating a subtle design effect, whilst allowing maximum audio performance from the speaker.


Crafted from magnetised stainless steel, the Premium Grille offers an instant retro-fit solution.

Each Premium Grille has been chemically etched to create the hexagonal pattern and logo and then finely brushed. A durable high quality PVD coating (Physical Vapour Deposition) is then applied to produce a luxurious satin metal finish. Lastly, the logo has been paint-filled in black for a finishing signature touch.

The Premium Grille has been designed and developed to add a stylish aesthetic to Monitor Audio speaker custom installations.


Key Features

  • Stylish hexagonal pattern – shares a design heritage with Monitor Audio’s award-winning Silver Series loudspeakers
  • Premium PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish – as used in timepiece manufacture
  • Magnetised stainless steel allows rapid installation
  • Classic Monitor Audio logo detail
  • Ideal for architectural installations or interiors where an exceptional finish is desired
Overall Dimensions

Diameter: 238.6 mm (93/8")
Height 7.65 mm (5/16")

Compatible With

C1M, C2M, C2M-T2X, C2M-CP, C3M, CSS230, C165

Sold As

Single Unit

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PG6-R Premium Round Grille