GS20 - (Discontinued)


Years Active 2006-2010

The massively accomplished GR20 was a hard act to follow, but its successor, the GS20, pulls decisively ahead in all respects, combining gorgeous aesthetics, sublime sonics and superlative build quality

Its two-and-a-half way, three-driver configuration is built around a unique dual-cavity cabinet design, in which the 6 1/2” RST II bass and bass-mid drivers work into separate enclosures, tuned to different frequencies and impedances.

This provides improved power handling and delivers faster, deeper, more dynamic bass and greater transparency through the crucial mid-range. Above that, the C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter ensures a smooth, detailed sound all the way up to 43KHz, exploiting the full potential of the latest wide-bandwidth digital formats.


  • Anti-resonance build: driver held by innovative zinc alloy clamp system; traditional tongue and groove construction; extensive vertical and radial internal bracing.
  • 6 1/2-inch die-cast aluminium chassis bass and bass-mid drivers featuring a new Rigid Surface Technology RST II, C-CAM alloy cone profile.
  • A 1” C-CAM gold dome tweeter extends high frequency performance to beyond 40 KHz.
  • HiVe II port design: the new port technology uses a straight rifled construction to aid air flow and reduce turbulence.
Pasmo przenoszenia

32 Hz - 45 KHz

Skuteczność (1W@1M)

89 dB

Impedancja nominalna

6 Ohms

Maksymalny SPL

111 dBA

Moc maksymalna (RMS)

150 W

Rekomendowana moc wzmacniacza

40 - 150 W

Obciążenie głośnika basowego

Dual Chamber Bass Reflex with Differential Tuning (HiVe II Technology)

Punkt podziału zwrotnicy

2.7 KHz

Częstotliwość skrzyżowań Bass

250 Hz


1 x 61/2” RST II bass driver 
1 x 61/2” RST II bass / mid driver 
1 x 1” (25 mm) C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter

Wymiary zewnętrzne (z wyjątkiem cokołu (szer. X głęb. X gł.))

924 x 206 x 280 mm 
(363/8 x 81/8 x 11 inch)

Wymiary zewnętrzne (łącznie z cokołem (szer. X głęb. X gł.))

934 x 322 x 363 mm 
(363/4 x 1211/16 x 145/16 inch)


20.6 kg (45.3 lb)