R250 - (Discontinué)


Years Active 2006-2008

Truly unobtrusive high performance home cinema has become a reality with the launch of Monitor Audio’s Radius 250 speaker. 

Built and engineered to the same meticulous standards as Monitor Audio’s reference speakers, the latest addition to the Radius range is capable of delivering superb, full-range hi-fi sound yet blends into its surroundings with vanishing subtlety that doesn’t devour valuable living space.

The outstandingly elegant and slender R250 has been designed to be sited vertically or horizontally with larger 42 or 50-inch plasma displays. Its versatility means it can be used as a centre channel in a multi-channel music or movie system as well as a main, side or rear speaker, providing bass performance right down to 50 Hz. And at just 105mm deep, its suitability for plasma screen applications or where space is at a premium is unequivocal. As with all Radius components, the R250 can be purchased individually to maximise system-building options.

The Radius 250 has the same specially designed 4" MMP® II bass-mid drivers and 1" gold dome C-CAM® tweeter as the Radius 225 but these are housed in a larger cabinet with twin front-firing reflex port. Its enhanced bass performance makes it a suitable choice as a stand-alone speaker when a subwoofer isn’t required. Combined with the Radius 360 or 720 sub however, the R250 forms part of a formidably powerful stereo or multi-channel system.

As with the smaller R225, the R250 is supplied with a quality pressed steel ‘easy fitting’ wall bracket with a very shallow profile and both black and silver oval grilles. The real wood veneer, satin and lacquer finishes add to the aesthetic and tactile appeal and are crafted to the same exacting standards that distinguish all Monitor Audio products.

Seriously compact, exquisitely made and completely flexible to user needs, stereo or multi-channel, the Radius 250 is an innovative speaker solution for lovers of high quality sound and design.

Réponse en fréquence

50 Hz - 25 KHz

Rendement 1W@1m

90 db

Impédance nominale

8 Ohms

SPL maximum

108 dBA

Tenue en puissance RMS

120 W

Gestion de l'alimentation du système (RMS)

140 W

Amplification recommandée

20 - 120

Alignement des graves

Twin, Front Ported Bass Reflex


2 x 4” (101 mm) MMP®II (Next generation Metal Matrix Polymer)
1 x 1” (25 mm) C-CAM® gold dome.

Dimensions externes (H x L x P)

760 x 120 x 105 mm
29 15/16 x 4 3/4 x 4 1/8 inch

Poids (unité)

4.3 Kg (9 1/2 lb)