CT280-IDC - (Interrumpido)


Years Active 2012-2017

Features an 8-inch C-CAM bass driver and a pivoting IDC module, housing a 4-inch C-CAM RST inverted midrange driver and a 1-inch C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter.

True 3-way design provides rich midrange detail, higher system output, greater power handling, and superior vocal intelligibility and sound localisation. Optimum imaging and set-up are established via the pivoting IDC, high frequency (+3 dB /0 dB / -3 dB) level adjustment, and boundary compensation (on / off) controls.

Respuesta en Frecuencia

50 Hz – 30 kHz

Impedancia Nominal

6 ohms

Sensibilidad (1W@1m)

90 dB

Nivel de Presión Sonora (SPL) Máximo

111.6 dBA

Potencia Admisible (RMS)

120 W

Potencia del Amplificador Asociado

30 – 120 W

Altavoces Utilizados

8” C-CAM cone bass driver, pivoting IDC module housing:
4” C-CAM RST inverted mid range driver
1” C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter

Controles de ajuste

HF Level Switch
(+3 dB / 0 dB / -3 dB)
Boundary Compensation Switch

Diámetro general (incluyendo rejilla)

285 mm (11 1/4")

Profundidad total (incluyendo rejilla)

160 mm (6 5/16")

Profundidad de montaje

156 mm (6 1/8")

Diámetro del Corte

247 mm (9 3/4")

Tipo de Fijación

3 position Tri-Grip dog fixings

Materiales Utilizados

Mineral filled ABS, RoHS compliant


3.42 kg (7 lb 8 oz)

Soporte para Instalaciones ya Existentes

CB8 Pre-Construction Bracket (Green)

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