IA40-3 Videos


Our IA40-3 Installation Amplifier is the discreet way to upgrade your TV’s existing sound or to create a stereo music system.

Watch our video to find out about all of the features of our IA40-3 Installation Amplifier.


Installing the amplifier

The best thing about our IA40-3 Installation Amplifier is how quick and easy it is to install onto almost any surface.

Our handy video guide will walk you through all of the fitting options.


Connecting to speakers

Whether you’re creating a true 3.1 system to upgrade your television or your wiring in your integrated sound system, watch our video tutorial on how to setup your speakers with our IA40-3 Installation Amplifier.


Connecting wired devices

From TVs to smart assistants, you can connect many different devices to our IA40-3 Installation Amplifier, this video will show you how.


Pairing a remote control

You can use an existing remote control with the IA40-3 Installation Amplifier to change volume and more.

Learn how to setup a remote control with our video guide.


Pairing a device using Bluetooth® wireless technology

Stream your music library to the IA40-3 Installation Amplifier using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology from your phone, tablet and more.

To get started, watch the video setup guide.