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WiFi HiFi magazine reviews MASS Surround Sound

29th October 2019

Posted in: Reviews

David Susilo at Canadian magazine WiFi HiFi takes a look at our MASS Surround Sound system



Testing the system with Star Wars: Episode 1, Susilo was thoroughly impressed with the compact satellite speakers and subwoofer. In comparison with other similar sized offerings, Susilo noted that MASS Surround Sound delivered performance that most other products could not.


In summary, Susilo said:

"Overall, the new MASS 5.1 is an amazing set of speakers; they are uncannily adept at conveying fine detail. It's a very engaging and immersive system, and its incisive tone is well suited to atmospheric soundtracks. The fast timing and expressive tonality of the set is perfect for most soundtracks delivered to them. If you have a small space or need a set of speakers for your secondary theatre set up, these speakers are for you."


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