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25th November 2019

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We spoke to Instagram follower @deserthwy about his audio equipment, record collection and his favourite album




When did you start collecting records?

I started collecting records in the early 90's when I was a teenager but went onto collect CD's only. I really regret that decision and have got back into collecting vinyl in the last few years.


What is your favourite record?

That's a tough one, but it would be a toss up between ‘Bone Machine’ by Tom Waits, ‘Dopes to Infinity’ by Monster Magnets, or ‘Exile on Main St.’ by The Rolling Stones.




Who is your favourite artist/band?

My favourite band would have to be the Ozzy era of Black Sabbath. I'll never forget finding their first album in my parent’s record collection. I would have been about 8 years old, the artwork and the music just blew my mind!


What is your favourite music based magazine?

I don't buy magazines anymore. I rely on social media, mainly Instagram, for recommendations or updates.


@deserthwy's equipment list

Speakers Monitor Audio Bronze 2
Amplifier Yamaha R-N602
Cd Player Yamaha CD-S300
Turntable Pro-Ject Debut Carbon


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