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Silver RX6 review: US Stereophile Magazine

25th May 2012

Posted in: Reviews

"It was an ideal match for every type of music..."

US based Hi-Fi magazine Stereophile offers authoritative reviews, informed recommendations, helpful advice, and controversial opinions across the publication so when the Silver RX6s came up for review we were ready and pleasantly pleased with the results. Read the detailed review in the current June 2012 issue. Here's a few snippets:

“Through the Silver RX6s there was a real sense of instruments popping out of nowhere to rest on a bed of air in a deep, wide concert hall.”

“The Monitor’s high-frequency reproduction enabled perfect integration of the fundamentals and harmonics of the trumpet; Wynton Marsalis’s instrument on his Levee Low Moan (CD, Columbia CK 47075) was startlingly realistic: The Monitor’s integration of the horn’s dynamic envelope, timbre, and harmonics inspired me to scribble in my notes: “That’s a trumpet!”

“The RX6’s high-frequency purity nicely dovetailed with its perfect rendition of crisp, clean, fast transients on recordings with percussive content.”

"It was an ideal match for every type of music, from delicate female voices and jazz trios to bombastic orchestral and electronic rock music. And its small footprint, attractive but unassuming appearance, and clean, extended bass performance make it an ideal home-theater speaker: one that obviates the need for a subwoofer."

"I can’t think of another affordable speaker that better meets such a broad range of needs.”

Robert J. Reina. Stereophile, June 2012

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