Silver 6 review: Soundstage Access 'Reviewer's Choice'

15th August 2014

Posted in: Reviews | Awards

Our Silver floorstander receives a glowing review from reviewer Philip Beaudette.

Monitor Audio's Silver 6 floorstanding speaker has been reviewed for Soundstage Access. Philip Beaudette was so impressed with our speakers that he had the following to say and awarded them a Reviewer's Choice Award.

"As sharp as the Monitors looked, what grabbed my attention was their sound... I could crank these speakers to great effect, enjoying clean output at volumes unsafe for extended listening. They were as comfortable reproducing the sound of a solo violin as of a symphony orchestra, and their ability to convey real-life dynamics was exemplary."

"No other compact music system that I am aware of could capture the scale of this music so effortlessly, or so energize a listening room, as did these in mine."

"...the Silver 6 is a great place to start -- and, perhaps, finish. This is a tightly contested segment of the speaker market, and there are other worthy options, but they don’t all look as good as the Silver 6, and even fewer offer the sort of clarity and resolution of these amazing performers."

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