Silver 10 review: Absolute Sound Review

19th December 2014

Posted in: Reviews

Reviewer Spencer Holbert for The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound's Spencer Holbert experienced our Silver 10 floorstanding speakers, and soon realised how attainable audiophile sound could be:

"They were really impressive when listening to Rebecca Pidgeon’s rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine” on Chesky Records’ 96/24 The World’s Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings. The upright bass stayed taut and punchy, just to the left of Pidgeon’s voice, and sounded eerily like a real bass in the room."

"great voicing, solid bass when properly spaced from the rear walls, an engaging soundstage, and a diverse ability to sound great with a wide range of music. Really, what more could you want from an affordable speaker?"

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