Residential Tech Today experience our C3M in-ceiling speakers

8th March 2024

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Residential Tech Today Magazine get hands on with our high-performance C3M in-ceiling speaker, from our Creator Series range, and are blown away.



"The sound was clean and pure with perfect voice isolation"

During installation of the C3M, Livewire founder Henry Clifford connected it to a Sonos Amp with LFE out to an SVS in-wall subwoofer, saying "I started to get a little excited, realizing the combination of Monitor Audio’s always solid sound paired with the subwoofer would potentially produce some stellar results".

Firing up TIDAL, Henry added "The midrange and high frequency reproduction coming from the ceiling was sublime as I continued".

"I started to zone out, transported in the way only amazing sound can move us. Here I was, not expecting anything monumental and ending up with my face melted off".

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The team at Livewire were tasked with unboxing and installing the C3M in-ceiling speakers. Watch the video below: