Residential Systems review our Creator Series architectural speakers

24th June 2024

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Expert technical reviewer John Sciacca covers the simplification of our architectural speaker range in his comprehensive review, which covers the new model tiers, their features, technology, simplified setup and performance.



Meet the Creators

John highlighted the clearly defined range commenting "Gone are any confusing names and model numbers; instead the Creator Series has a much-simplified naming structure".


Install Friendly

Highlighting the innovative Quik-Link terminal, John said "it definitely speeds up the process, but, more importantly, makes it easier and safer." and when discussing the improvements on the Tri-Dog II doglegs, added "you’ll appreciate that it is considerably stronger and more reliable than previous designs".

First Impressions

As he unboxed each model, moving across each tier, John said that "the quality and performance steps Monitor Audio was looking to achieve with the Creator Series are clear and obvious".



Highlighting the ease of installation, John mentioned the Quik-Link and Tri-Grip II, which offered "smooth, controlled travel" - "without any hassles".


Replacing out existing speakers, John said "what I noticed right away was the significant improvement in bass output" adding "Between the improved driver technology and 3-way design, these speakers produce a fuller and richer sound".

"the overall sound quality was just fantastic — up there with the best in-ceiling speakers I’ve heard, delivering crystalline detail along with big sound".


John summarised his positive review, saying "With the Creator Series, Monitor Audio has effectively relaunched its architectural speaker lineup, and they’ve done it in a terrifically smart way. From their simplified lineup and naming scheme to consistent sizing, to clear performance steps, to improved installation, the Creator Series offers something that will excite nearly everyone".


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