Radius R One HD review: T3.com

30th April 2012

Posted in: Reviews

R one HD "excels" in T3.com product review.

The Gadget Guru's at T3.com have listened in on the Radius R one HD and here's a snippet of what they had to say...

"Designed simply for those simply wanting to reduce the number of speakers in either a 5.1 or 2.1 set-up, the R one HD is not your average soundbar."

"Surround sound can only be gotten from adding rear speakers (such as the matching R45HD rear bookshelf speakers, £190 per pair), and our sample also came with an active, wired Radius 370HD subwoofer. Fitted with three-inch Gold C-CAM dome tweeters and four Metal Matrix Polymer driver cones, the R one HD can be wall-mounted using fixings in the box."

"Despite it doing the work of three home cinema speakers, this speaker-excels. It won't impress as much in over-large home cinema, of course, but in our medium-sized test room (about 15x15ft) we were able to discern impressive separation in a multichannel mix."

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