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NOVO magazine takes a closer look at Silver 500

31st October 2017

Posted in: Reviews

Silver 500 is the true-all rounder according to Novo magazine



George de Sa starts the review with a nod to our R&D departments commitment to providing solid performance enhancements with every generation. Admiring the trickle down technology from our Gold and Platinum II Series, he praises the new redesigned C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeters and smoother airflow delivered by the HiVe II ports.

Testing the Silver 500 with a few different tracks, he reports a noticeably dynamic, punchier bass over close competitors, whilst also praising the high and mid-range response.

"The Silver 500 can surely rock, while at the same time being well mannered and finessed".

In summary, George de Sa thinks the Silver 500 is a true all-rounder, able to happily go from classical to jazz, pop and rock with a consistent performance.

Read the whole review here (PDF) >


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