Introducing Force-Cancelling Bass Drivers

2nd May 2023

Posted in: History | Technology

The sheer scale and authority of Hyphn is delivered via no fewer than eight, powerful 8” bass drivers – four precisely positioned, and rigidly secured within each Hyphn cabinet.

Each of the four pairs of bass drivers are positioned facing inwards to each another. They are secured in place by inch thick metal rods and through-bolt fixings that run through the width of the cabinet to the rear of each bass driver. This fixes the four drive units securely.

The concept of force-cancelled drivers is simple; the same force applied to the cone; means the same force will be applied in the opposite direction – an equal and opposite force.

Face two bass drivers in pairs and the reaction force of one will be the same as the other – equal and opposite. This means there is little, or no vibration force from the drivers, either within themselves or passed through into the cabinets.

The result is a cabinet that is almost vibration free, with all the listener hearing is the sound; pure, clean and detailed.