i-Deck 100 review: What Hi-Fi? Review

29th September 2011

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iPod docks abound in the market but does the i-Deck 100 have the performance to pull clear of the pack? What HiFi? delivers the verdict.

'Amazing' Dock

Can you imagine a Monitor Audio product that doesn’t put sound quality first? The DNA that runs through our flagship speakers is concentrated in the new i-deck designs: great build quality and fabulous audio engineering for the money. Having fired up the i-Deck 100, could What Hi Fi? spot the pedigree? Emphatically yes! Delivering a 5 star verdict in its October 2011 issue, the mag encounters an ‘amazing’ product with an ‘open, spacious sound’ and ‘excellent’ detail across the frequency range. If you’re buying an iPod dock for sound quality (what other reason is there?) then the i-Deck 100 is your new front-runner!

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